Sheraz Ahmed

A Why-based" & Purpose driven entrepreneur, coach, mentor & human who stands for Freedom, Happiness & Oneness.

Currently serving as the CEO and Co-Founder of W3GG, Irene Umar started her career as a global international banker that gave her the opportunity to work and live in MENA, India and the SEA. She returned to Indonesia in 2016 and started the first game-focused venture capital in the region when esports was still at its infancy. She strongly believes that gaming is the birthright of every human - which many of us forgot as we grew up. Blockchain gaming is the next phase or extension to the gaming industry and she believes that it could unlock the real value of traditional gaming digital economy and help remind many the importance of “play” in life. In addition, she is also excited looking at the current “level-playing” field blockchain industry has to offer. Through W3GG, she aims to centralize as much opportunities as possible for knowledge transfer, self-growth and “jobs” within the industry to prepare the community for decentralized economy and future of works! Centralize to Decentralize!