Sergey Nazarov

Co-Founder, Elixir Digital. Contributor, Cryptonary.

Max worked as a professional DeFi and crypto researcher, before moving to Head of Research at Cryptonary. In both roles, he identified key narratives, trends, and protocols before competitors. Now serving as co-founder of Elixir Digital, a branding, web design, and marketing business, and CEO of Elixir Crypto, the research-based crypto investment and advisory arm. His crypto knowledge is outstanding, with over 5 years of committed research and investment.

His passion for crypto was ignited in 2018, falling down the rabbit hole whilst studying investment management and financial crime at university. It’s a personal mission to advance the space, onboarding the first billion users through intelligent advisory, education, and in-depth, trend-setting research. He is a fully qualified investment professional, holding a CISI Investment Advice Diploma, and studying for the Chartership.