Sergey Nazarov

Saad Ahmad is an accomplished technology and software industry leader with over 10+ years of experience, specializing in blockchain and web3. As the head of emerging technologies at Bloxbytes, he is responsible for leading the development and implementation of the company's strategic plans. Saad has a strong track record of driving growth, developing go-to-market strategies, and optimizing existing business models. His deep understanding of the industry landscape enables him to effectively leverage data and insights to inform the strategic direction of the organization.

Saad's areas of expertise include strategic planning and execution, project planning, scheduling, and tracking, business analysis and financial modeling, process improvement and optimization, contract negotiation and management, market research and analysis, risk assessment and management, resource management and team leadership, as well as stakeholder management and communication. His experience and knowledge in business intelligence and analytics have helped him deliver results that exceed client expectations.

Saad graduated with a Bachelor's in Software Engineering from the COMSATS Institute of Information Technology. He has also won the APICTA and P@SHA Awards at global conferences and has been invited as a Guest Speaker at the World Blockchain Summit 2022, held in Dubai, UAE. He has conducted several training, seminars, and workshops on business development and product prototyping for startups.

With his expertise in emerging technologies and his ability to create and implement effective strategies, Saad achieved sustainable growth and success in the technology industry which have made him a respected and sought-after leader.